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no_villas_in_Africa.jpgThis will be the place where I will recount some of my travel adventures. In the coming months there will be articles on some of the most interesting destinations that I have visited in my 35 year travel career.

About this photo: the year was 1979. I was floating down the Gambia River in Senegal. A luxury villa was nowhere in sight.  Dakar the capital of Senegal is a very modern and somewhat sophisticated city, but just a few kilometers outside of the capital, the real Africa was there to see. More to come in a future article!

 Cartagena ColombiaDon’t Cry for me Cartagena 
or Who had the Propina?

Cartagena, Colombia: some call it the heroic city – for the many battles with marauding pirates it withstood during Colonial times. The famous Colombian poet Luis Carlos Lopez wrote a poem about Cartagena.  He thought that Cartagena was an incredibly easy and relaxed place. In the poem he said that Cartagena was such a cool, calm and easygoing place, that he compared it to a comfortable pair of ‘Old Shoes’. It’s the place that artists and writers flock to; a place that is reminiscent of Havana during it’s heyday. Although Colombia has been thought of as a somewhat violent place during the past years, Cartagena has remained a bastion of tranquility…. the country’s safe harbor.


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  1. David Eastman says:

    I had the soup with the fallen mango!!

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