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An article by Robert Eastman
As seen in USA Today

Why book a Villa or Condo for your Vacation?

Vacationers that dream of a luxurious vacation that will make them feel like the ‘Rich and Famous’ can realize their dream by renting a villa or luxury condo  in the Caribbean, Mexico, South & Central America, Hawaii, Europe, or the South Pacific.

This dream can become an elegant and memorable reality thanks to the products and services offered by companies that specialize in this form of holiday. A private villa or condo featuring all the trappings associated with the most luxurious vacations can actually be more economical than a luxury resort.

People often envision the concept of a villa vacation as something just the rich and famous can afford, but that couldn’t be further from the truth as long as a consumer knows where to look for their ‘red carpet’ villa vacation.  A villa vacation is about encompassing a luxurious travel experience where relaxation and privacy are paramount goals.  And, consumers don’t need to break the bank to do it.  There are many reasons to pick a villa or condo instead of a traditional resort.

Luxury and Privacy

Located in all of the World’s great resort areas, whether on the beach in Barbados, Cliffside setting in St. Barts, or overlooking a vineyard in Tuscany, villas cater to those who seek luxurious accommodations in a private location.  Spacious accommodations, gracious appointments and serene settings combine for a luxury vacation experience that can’t be matched in a traditional hotel setting unless you book the most pretentious and unaffordable penthouse suite.

Unlike resorts and hotels, villa and condo properties are generally situated away from high-traffic tourist areas allowing for even more privacy and enjoyment of personal services.

Personalized Leisure and Relaxation

Vacationing in a villa allows guests to have a holiday truly on their own schedule.  Meal times and food preferences, as well as pool and beach hours, are up to the vacationer’s discretion.  Villas are often supplied with the services of a private cook, housekeeper and other attendants who focus on the individual needs of those occupying the residence. 

Guests can feast like royalty but it doesn’t need to be on a regimented timetable.  For instance, instead of breakfast, enjoy brunch.  As for active pursuits, travelers vacationing at a villa don’t need to wait for the water sports desk to open if they desire to snorkel as early as 8 am.  Regardless of when vacationers dine or play, they can do it in the private company of their friends and family who are occupying the villa together.

 For guests looking for something extra special to complete their vacation experience, many villa companies offer Villa Concierge service to assist travelers with planning their getaway in paradise.  Whether guests want an in-room massage or need to rent a car, these services can be arranged in advance.

 Size Flexibility

Villas and condos can range in size from 2 to 40 bedrooms, fitting the needs of every conceivable vacationer from individual couples to larger groups such as a wedding party or family reunion.  Villas are often large enough to accommodate more than one family and therefore provide space so parents and children can spread out to play, have separate sleeping areas, and indulge in the experience of really ‘taking over’ a private property.

Cost Effectiveness

Taken at face value, the cost of such a seemingly lavish getaway may appear expensive but the value per person, per night, is often less, then staying at a resort or hotel. 

When weighing one’s vacation options, renting a villa often offers better value over traditional hotels because of the personalized service in luxury accommodations that would cost more at a hotel or resort.  ~




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  1. Gwen says:

    Do you have anything in Costa Rico for a family of 5 adults?

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