Vacation Home Expo – Atlanta

I have just arrived back in NY after spending the weekend at the Vacation Home Expo in Atlanta. It was literally the first public exposition/trade show specifically designed for the Vacation Rental segment of the travel industry. I was invited to be the moderator of a seminar on “How to book a Luxury Villa Vacation”. Imagine me, a villa expert moderating a panel of other villa experts. Look who thinks he’s nothing! It all went very well. 

There were three very experienced and knowledgeable ‘villa experts’ that I had picked to be on my panel. They answered every question that was thrown their way. I have to thank Tim Warburton, Founder of WIMCO , Bobby Gibson, CEO of Villas Caribe , and Suzanne Pidduck President of for their participation, and valuable contributions.

It was great to see some of my old friends in the Vila Rental  industry like Nancy Anderson of McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Caribbean Villas, and Ron Davidson of INTERHOME. I even got to make some new friends like Jill Dean from Happy Vacations, and Mike Thiel of Hideaways International.   It was also a perfect opportunity to educate everyone about , my new web portal which will be officially launched on May 1. 

My original company, the one that I founded in 1988, Villas of Distinction was conspicuous by their absence… I still like them anyway.

One thing that I have learned over the years is the value of relationships. I strive to make new ones, and cherish my existing ones.

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